DSHS PTA Scholarships Recipients

The DSHS PTA is thrilled to be able to disperse $6,260 in scholarships directly to DSHS students this year. 

Seniors responded to the prompt “Dear 9th or 10th-grade self…” as they shared wisdom earned and advice for successfully navigating DSHS.  

DSHS PTA also funded scholarships for 10th and 11th-grade students who responded to quotes or submitted their own inspirational quotes for consideration. 

Keep reading here for more insights and links to the full submissions!

DHS PTA November College Essay Reader Program 

A clear and compelling college essay is an important part of the application process, and the College Essay Reader Program is made up of parents and community members who are here to give constructive feedback for those students who would like additional adult review. 


Student essays should share new information that cannot be found elsewhere on the application. The most successful essays will showcase student voice, opinions, goals, and values. 


PTA volunteers will NOT write nor negatively critique essays, but instead will provide revision recommendations and feedback.


How it works:

Students are invited to fill out the google form to request help with college application essays using this link 


Once a google doc  link has been submitted, volunteers will enter their editorial suggestions using Google’s suggesting mode.  Every essay will be read by two volunteers. Students may accept or decline all edits. Volunteers will focus their suggestions to provide feedback on content and word count. Students should resubmit the request form if they would like additional feedback. Depending on volunteer availability and volume of student requests, it may be possible for a PTA volunteer to review a subsequent draft.


This program is not affiliated with DHS teachers or staff and is intended to offer support to students who are seeking additional help outside of school hours and instruction.  PTA does not guarantee that participation in the program will result in acceptance to college.  While we will respect the confidentiality of information shared in the essays and PTA volunteers are not mandated reporters, we may share information related to physical or mental health with DHS counselors if a volunteer has concerns about student safety.

The program will officially begin on November 1, 2023. - essays may be submitted using the above form prior to this time, however, readers will not provide feedback until after this date, and will continue providing feedback to essays submitted until November 30, 2023.

Please contact with any questions.

Volunteer to Read College Essays:

If you'd like to volunteer as a reader for this program, please fill out the following form:  

DsHS PTA Online College Forum Recordings Available

The forums provide current seniors with more information to help find their best fit for school after DSHS while also helping current juniors kickstart the college search process and sophomores begin having a college conversation. To view the college forums, use this link to the DSHS PTA YouTube channel:


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